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  • Connect Mad Mimi to MegaMuzz

    Have you ever wished you could easily sync contacts between all the platforms you use for digital marketing & social networking? Keeping everything organized in multiple locations can be super time-consuming, with exports & imports taking over your schedule and detracting from time better spent on real productivity—like actually, you know… marketing.

    With MegaMuzz, you can make virtually all your CRMs communicate with one another, sharing contact lists between them and automatically keeping your online platforms up-to-date. While MegaMuzz can link a whole bunch of CRMs together, this guide will show you specifically how to bring MegaMuzz contacts into Mad Mimi and vice versa.

    Connecting Mad Mimi to MegaMuzz

    STEP 1: Log into your MegaMuzz account, and select the Accounts option in the Sync drop-down menu.

    MegaMuzz 1

    STEP 2: On the right side of the page, click the Connect to a New Account button.

    MegaMuzz 2

    STEP 3: Click the Mad Mimi button.

    MegaMuzz 3

    STEP 4: In the Username field, enter the email address you use to log into Mad Mimi. In the API Key field, enter your unique Mad Mimi API key, which you can find by following these steps. Then, click Save.

    MegaMuzz 4

    Your Mad Mimi and MegaMuzz accounts are now connected! From here, you can choose to sync entire audiences or just specific lists from & to MegaMuzz and Mad Mimi.

    Syncing Your Entire Audience

    STEP 1: From your MegaMuzz dashboard, click the Syncs option in the Sync drop-down menu, then click the Create one now button in the center of the page.

    MegaMuzz 5

    STEP 2: Use the Select buttons next to each platform in order to designate which platform should sync to which.

    MegaMuzz 6

    For your reference, syncing MegaMuzz to Mad Mimi would look like this:

    MegaMuzz 7

    And syncing Mad Mimi to MegaMuzz would look like this:

    MegaMuzz 8

    STEP 3: Once you’re happy with the order of your sync, click the blue Save button in the upper right-hand side of the page.

    MegaMuzz 9

    With that done, your entire audience list will now sync from MegaMuzz to Mad Mimi, vice versa, or both. Your lists will automatically refresh every 24 hours, so things will be up-to-date with no extra work on your part!

    Syncing Specific Lists Only

    STEP 1: From your MegaMuzz dashboard, click the Accounts option in the Sync drop-down menu, then click the Import Lists & Contacts button next to Mad Mimi.

    MegaMuzz 10

    STEP 2: Click the blue Import List button next to each individual list you’d like to sync from Mad Mimi to MegaMuzz.

    MegaMuzz 11

    That’s it! Any time you want to view your Mad Mimi lists in MegaMuzz, just click the Lists option in the Lists drop-down menu.

    MegaMuzz 12

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