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  • Can I Have Extra Social Links? What About Other Sites That Aren’t Listed?

    You’ve already discovered how to add your own branding to the footer of your email, using Mad Mimi’s social links tool. But what if you want extra social? Let’s say you have multiple Facebook profiles? Or Twitter handles? Or…

    We got you covered! Just write to us and we can help you out. We can add extra social links to any existing platform for you, easily! You aren’t able to add those, by yourself. But we’re able to set up any custom social icon that you want.

    And that means the possibilities don’t just stop with additional Facebook profiles!

    Do you have your own custom, social icons, that fit the branding of your own site? We can use those, instead of the standard Mimi social icons.

    Do you want to add a social icon that’s not listed as an option? Send us over an image for the icon, and we’ll set you up, right away. We can add extra social icons for you, at any time — whether they are additional profiles for existing options, or your very own custom icons, for standard platforms.

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