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  • Can I embed audio or video?

    No. Well, yes… but no. Mad Mimi allows you to embed audio and video but email programs don’t allow you to view them.  So the moment Google and Yahoo and Outlook all catch up, you’ll be able to send video immediately.

    Many email programs and readers simply don’t like embedded media.  They’ll either display it incorrectly or push it to spam.  ISPs in general don’t like seeing that sort of code and tend to flag it, as a lot of malware makes it way into email through that sort of thing.

    Mad Mimi’s Marketing Mavens recommend that you use a high quality screenshot or image in your promotion.  And then,  link that picture to the video/audio on your site.  You could also put a text link instead of an image. See image below:

    This is a win/win because it keeps your emails 100% compatible AND drives traffic to your site.

    Just FYI, if you’re using a Mac, we recommend or

    If you’re on a PC, Firefox has a screengrab tool you that’s free as an add-on. You can always crop it using or for free.