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  • Ambassador Email Marketing Referral Integration

    Ambassador email marketing integration

    Ambassador’s email marketing referral integration helps you create your own referral programs with tools to manage and track customer referrals. Integrate your referral campaigns with Mad Mimi to sync your ambassadors with your email lists and include custom referral codes in your Mad Mimi email campaigns.

    To Set Up the Ambassador Email Marketing Referral Integration:

    1. Grab an Ambassador account and click on General Settings under your account name.
    2. Click on the integrations tab and select Mad Mimi.
    3. Enter your Mad Mimi API key and account email in the space provided and click Save Changes.
    4. Now you’ll have a list titled Ambassadors in your Mad Mimi Audience

    Adding A Referral Code or Share URL To Email Promotions:

    After you sync your Ambassador account with your Mad Mimi audience, all contacts in the Ambassador’s list will have a custom data field labeled: share_url.

    You can type this tag in any Mad Mimi email and each contact will receive their custom referral code in the inbox.

    email marketing referral code

    More details are available on using merge tags in Mad Mimi. Read more about Mad Mimi and referral tools over at Ambassador.

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