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  • Advanced: Manage Your Lists with a CSV File

    So, you already know how to manage your lists, in your Audience area, through the Mad Mimi interface. But what if I told you, it’s possible to do all that, by using a spreadsheet file upload? Oh, not only is it possible… but all you need to know, is right here!

    (Note: If you’re looking for help on just a straightforward import of your contacts, then head over here.)

    This is actually very similar to how you suppress and unsuppress contacts, using just a file upload. But here, we’re more concerned with list memberships, in particular. There are 4 different functions that you can use, to manage your lists using a file upload:


    This will suppress a contact from ONLY the list mentioned.


    This will unsuppress a contact for ONLY the list mentioned.


    This will remove the contact from this list, but not delete or suppress it.


    This will add the contact to this list.

    Setting up your file to use these is very easy. You just need your email column along the left, and then use any of those 4 functions above, as the header of a new column. Then, put the list name that you want to manage, in the cell that corresponds with the specific contact email address. Or, just take a look, here:

    sample list management file

    If you want to do any of these, with multiple lists, for the same contact, simply add another column with that same header, and the new list name. So, you’re header row might read:

    email, add_list, add_list, add_list, remove_list

    That’s totally fine. Just put the additional list names that you want to add that contact to, in each column, by itself.

    Save your file as a CSV, and then upload it to Mimi. All those actions will be performed, all in one step.

    Still need help with this? Shoot us an email or chat, and we’ll get you sorted!

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